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Artist Check-in: Sibley Barlow

Nashville-based artist Sibley Barlow shares their hopes about an upcoming move to NYC this year, how the community can support local artists, and a #protip they have found works in their practice.

Artist and Curator Check-in: Jean Alexander Frater and Jefferson Godard

On February 4, 21c Museum Manager, Adia Skyes, kicked off an ongoing series Curator Conversations with an engaging repartee between Jefferson Godard, Jean Alexander Frater, and Derrick Woods-Morrow. If you missed the conversation, you can check in out in the YouTube link below. 21c caught up with Jefferson and Jean for a quick Artist/Curator Check-in. Read on to see what gives them reasons to be hopeful, how we can support artists in our communities, and what they have learned this past year.

Black Lunch Table and 21c Museum Hotels

During the month of May, 21c Museum Hotels and Black Lunch Table are collaborating to create a Wikipedia BINGO game focusing on Black artists in the 21c collection who are underrepresented on Wikipedia. Read on to learn more about Black Lunch Table.

Artist Check-in: Michael Coppage

Cincinnati-based artist, Michael Coppage, the artist who created the most recent mural in the alleyway of 21c Cincinnati, checked-in with 21c Museum Hotels, sharing what he is looking forward to this year in his art practice, the #protips he has learned this year, and how his go-to food of choice is tied to a new hip-hop recording project.

Artist Check-in: Leah Sobsey

Artist Leah Sobsey shares how she is feeling during this Spring season change, what she is looking forward to working on this year, and what she has in her fridge at the moment.

The 21c Artadia Award

It's the beginning of a long-term partnership to grant unrestricted funds to artists within 21c communities

Artist Check-in: Yasmin Spiro

21c Museum caught up with Chicago-based artist, Yasmin Spiro, who shares more about her feelings on emerging from “pandemic hibernation”, her excitement to visit home in Jamaica, and what she has learned over the past year that she can share with others.

Artist Check-in: Nuveen Barwari

Nashville-based artist, Nuveen Barwari shares what she is looking forward to this year in her art practice, what has changed since the last time we caught up with her in 2020, and her advice for everyone.

Artist Check-In: Josh Azzarella and Tiffany Calvert

Louisville-based artists Josh Azzarella and Tiffany Calvert share more about the new projects they have been working on this past year, how they have adapted their studio practices over the years with multiple jobs and a kid, (and, now, more recently, in a pandemic), and how they are cultivating community for themselves and others.

Artist Check-in: Duncan McDaniel

Nashville-based artist, Duncan McDaniel, shares more about his artistic process, upcoming projects he is working on, and what he has learned this pandemic year. On April 3, his show ROOTED will open at The Red Arrow Gallery in Nashville.  Check out their website to learn more about how to see the show.

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