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  1. Thursday, April 25, 2024

  2. Friday, April 26, 2024

Artist Check-in: Tim Lytvinenko

21c Durham Elevate artist, Tim Lytvinenko caught up with 21c and shared how he is feeling these days, what he is looking forward to in his art practice, and what he has been cooking in the kitchen!

Artist Check-in: Natalie Frank

21c Museum Director and Chief Curator, Alice Gray Stites, and 21c Assistant Curator, Amethyst Rey Beaver, recently spoke with New York-based artist Natalie Frank whose work is currently on view as part of The Future is Female at 21c Durham.

Artist Check-in: William Paul Thomas

21c Museum checked-in with William Paul Thomas to see how he is feeling, what he is looking forward to working on this year, and what he has learned from this past year.

Artist Check-in: Leah Sobsey

Artist Leah Sobsey shares how she is feeling during this Spring season change, what she is looking forward to working on this year, and what she has in her fridge at the moment.

Artist Check-In: Bill Thelen

Raleigh-based artist, Bill Thelen, will be taking over 21c Durham’s Instagram on Friday, February 19th, when he will share more about his current exhibitions, and what he is thinking about and working on in his studio. If you miss the stories they will be archived on our Instagram page.