Artist Check-in: Emily Elhoffer

St. Louis-based artist, Emily Elhoffer (aka Lumpyplop) did a special check-in with 21c via video! Check out the link below or read on for the written version of the answers.

Artist Check-in: Jessica Wohl

Tennessee-based Jessica Wohl talks about how she is using this time to create more work, staying flexible with her practice by working on multiple projects in different mediums and spaces simultaneously, and her hope for how the future will continue to incorporate virtual art experiences even when we can gather in person, safely, again.

Artist Check-In: Madeline Gallucci 

Chicago-based Madeline Gallucci shares more about her work in the context of the current moment, how social distancing is affecting her practice and advice for artists and to others about how to cultivate and support artistic communities.  

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