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Artist Check-in: Emily Elhoffer

St. Louis-based artist, Emily Elhoffer (aka Lumpyplop) did a special check-in with 21c via video! Check out the link below or read on for the written version of the answers.

Follow the link HERE to watch a video of Emily answering 21c’s Check-in questions.

How are you feeling today? This week? This new year?

Emily Elhoffer (EE): I’m feeling rejuvenated today, relaxed this week, and generally optimistic this year. I recently arrived home from a road trip, and travelling always leaves me feeling fresh-eyed in studio when I get back. The new year has had ups and downs, but generally, and especially with the change of weather, things feel like they are looking up.

What are you looking forward to doing this year in your art practice?

EE: I’m looking forward to leaning into a more collaborative practice this year. I am participating in a three-person show this September at the Angad Arts Hotel in St. Louis, which will be filled with two-way and three-way collaborations between myself and two other visual artists whom I admire: Neeka Allsup and Terri Beth Mitchell. So far, we have created some wild art that I’m excited to be a part of. Bejeweled and glammed-out wall reliefs, velvet-tufted oil paintings, and more work on the way.

above: A collaborative work in progress that Emily Elhoffer is building with Neeka Allsup as part of The Million Dollar Art Show in September. A third artist, Terri Beth Mitchell, is also collaborating on pieces for this three-way show at The Angad Arts Hotel in St. Louis. Dimensions are 19″ x 9″ x 6″, mixed media.  

How can people continue to support artist in their communities?

EE: There are so many ways to continue to support artists! You can fund the arts, and if that’s not possible everyone is welcome to participate in dialogue. As far as funding goes, this could mean anything from purchasing artwork and patronizing artists to donating toward artist-run patreons or relevant local 501(c)3s in the arts. Participating in dialogue is a great way to support artists as well, and there are so many ways to engage with artists thanks to social media! You can comment and share an artist’s work to friends and family, you can talk to artists directly and share resources, and you can ask questions about the work that may be helpful. I’ve had complete strangers reach out via Instagram and share materials, their network, and their comments about my practice with me. I’m always grateful that they took the time to help support my work, even if with just their words of encouragement.

Do you have any #protips or things you have learned in the past year that you would like to share with fellow artists?

EE: If you’re feeling ‘stuck’, or stagnate in the studio, try collaborating with a friend. Or a stranger! It’s a great way to re-incorporate play back into the creative flow. It can also be an amazing bonding experience to have with someone, and will foster beautiful relationships with some of the most unlikely people and organizations.

What is your go-to food of choice these days? Any new recipes that you have tried that you are excited to make again? 

EE: When I’m not eating spoonfuls of peanut butter, I’m enjoying a lot of meal-prepped foods. Lately I’ve been prepping spinach wrap burritos, stuffed with pan-fried bell peppers and onions, and they have been fueling me through some of my longer days. I know, it probably sounds boring to eat the same lunch every day, but I really enjoy fueling myself with food that I count on for vitamins and energy.


About the artist:

Emily Elhoffer is a nationally-shown artist and designer whose work focuses on sculpture and the human form. After studying at Kansas City Art Institute, Elhoffer moved to St. Louis, Missouri to help found an artist collective on Delmar Boulevard, where her studio is also located. The work is composed of plump, vibrantly textured soft sculptures whose forms are abstracted from fatty bellies, thighs, and other figurative parts. Through it, the artist asks questions about body and presence, while exploring concepts about health and beauty, and the ever-evolving dynamic between a person and their physical form.

To learn more about Emily Elhoffer’s work, please check out the website ( or follow Emily on Instagram @lumpyplop

Emily Elhoffer in her studio, located at MADE Makerspace in St. Louis. 

Some smaller works that Emily uses to help inform her bigger artwork, and to explore new materials. Her practice is founded on exploring new and innovative materials and processes. Currently she is investigating Holographic vinyl and floral prints.

A set of small works that Emily made for a show at Var Gallery in Wisconsin, “30x30x30”. 30 artists make 30 works of art in 30 days for the show – the works were on display through April 2021.