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Artist Check-in: William Paul Thomas

21c Museum checked-in with William Paul Thomas to see how he is feeling, what he is looking forward to working on this year, and what he has learned from this past year.

21c Durham first shared William Paul Thomas’s work in 2019 with his solo show, Disrupting Homogeny, in the Vault Gallery and Museum Shop vitrine. The exhibition investigated how he…

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Artist Check-in: Renata Cassiano Alvarez

Featured 21c Bentonville Elevate artist Renata Cassiano Alvarez shares what she has learned this past year, what she is looking forward to in this year to come, and what delightful foods she is snacking on these days.

Artist Check-in: Emily Elhoffer

St. Louis-based artist, Emily Elhoffer (aka Lumpyplop) did a special check-in with 21c via video! Check out the link below or read on for the written version of the answers.

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