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We’re Bringing the Festive to You

Your guide to all things holiday - from our flock to yours.

Whatever the occasion, this time of year should feel cozy and cheerful. From festive feasts at home to art-filled stays with the Yellow Penguins – here’s how you can…

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Artist Check-in: Tim Lytvinenko

21c Durham Elevate artist, Tim Lytvinenko caught up with 21c and shared how he is feeling these days, what he is looking forward to in his art practice, and what he has been cooking in the kitchen!

Artist Check-in: Susanna Crum and Rodolfo Salgado

Louisville-based artists, Susanna Crum and Rodolfo Salgado, the founders and creative energy behind Calliope Arts Printmaking Studio and Gallery and River City Tintype,  answered our questions and shared more about their current (and on-going) projects—at home, in the garden, and on the road—and shared important ways the community can support the arts and advice for fellow artists in Louisville and beyond.

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