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21c is Community

When Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson founded 21c Museum Hotel 10 years ago, it was about hometown and the desire and commitment to make their community a more vibrant and globally connected place through contemporary art.
We’ve taken our founders’ vision to heart, making each 21c a reflection of the local community and a gathering place for cutting edge contemporary art, inspired conversation, delicious food and genuine hospitality.

This fall, we celebrate the people, places, food, arts and culture that make each of our cities such unique and exciting places to live in and travel to. We’ll be sharing travel tips, insider info, video content and more, and inviting you to join the conversation for a chance to win a stay at your favorite 21c (more to come on that soon!) We simply can’t wait to share some of the best things about our cities with you, and can’t wait for you to join the conversation.

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