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Fall Food Trends @ 21c Restaurants

Move over, tomatoes…your time in the sun has passed. With the weather turning crisper, a new crop of produce is set to steal the limelight. Here is what our 21c chef’s and bartenders are excited about this fall:

With the weather this year, there’s been lots of late blooming vegetables, so preserving the harvest is something that Executive Chef of Proof on Main Mike Wajda is feeling excited about this season while Executive Chef of The Hive Matt McClure and Executive Chef of Metropole Jared Bennett are looking forward to roasting and braising the heartier ingredients of fall, like dry aged beef and kale. Since newly-opened Counting House at 21c Durham has not experienced a fall season yet, Executive Chef Josh Munchel is looking forward to seeing what the farmers have in stock and utilizing what is in season and fresh for his new fall menu.

It wouldn’t be fall without pumpkins, and Proof‘s Chef Wajda can’t wait to get his hands on some Marina di’Chioggia, a savory heirloom variety. Over at the The Hive, Chef McClure is ditching pumpkin spice in favor of muhammara, a rich, spicy condiment made with red peppers, walnuts, red chili and pomegranate molasses which makes a perfect compliment to grilled meats and veggies. Chef Bennet likes the juxtaposition of heartier dishes from Metropole‘s fireplace paired with a lighter, fresher side like slaw or raw shaved vegetables. Since it’s October, Chef Munchel is excited about some new twists on sauerkraut at Counting House this fall season.

Belly up to the bar this fall season and our bartenders will mix up what they are loving this fall season. At Metropole, Maggie and JP are excited about changing up their techniques by actually cooking ingredients for their cocktails like roasting cranberries, charring peppers and juicing yams for syrups. Cillian at Proof on Main has been experimenting with flips (cocktails made with whole eggs) and morphing cocktails that change as you consume it, like a bourbon cocktail with cappelletti ice nuggets. At The Hive, the beverage team is enthusiastic about utilizing hyper-local ingredients in their cocktails, like Arkansas Black Apples from the orchard at The Peel Mansion. In Durham, the bartenders at Counting House are excited about the new local Durham Distillery, producing spirits like an overproofed Navy Strength Gin. Along with some new product, Counting House is also looking forward to experimenting with fizzes (iceless cocktail made with egg white and soda water) paired with punchy baking spices this fall. Cheers!


  • Visit Metropole to sample Chef’s fireplace chicken hearts with paw paw vinaigrette and shaved fennel and order a Rich Girl cocktail from the bar made with a coffee, raspberry and cinnamon syrup.
  • Visit Proof on Main to check out the Marina di’Chioggia Pork Ragu with Jamaican Jerk Dumplings on the fall menu and book a seat for the Oct. 29th Fork + Bottle Dinner to try Cillian’s morphing cocktail.
  • Visit The Hive to sample the latest fall produce from the Northwest Arkansas region and order The Colonel cocktail, made with fresh Arkansas Black Apples.
  • Visit Counting House to order the Brat Spiced Pork Porter House with Curtido (a Salvadorian sauerkraut) and an apple fennel salad and head down to The Vault for a collaboration with Durham Distillery on Oct. 16th.