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Celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month

6 recipes to get you in the spirit

In 2007, the Senate unanimously passed a bill that calls for the celebration of bourbon as America’s “Native Spirit” during the month of September. With the flagship 21c occupying a former bourbon warehouse on what used to be known as “whiskey row”, it’s only natural that we celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month the best way we know how: cocktails. Join the celebration by sipping on these drinks at our bars throughout the month of September or use these recipes to make them at home.

21c Bentonville & The Hive: The Land Pirate


21c Cincinnati & MetropoleThe Lieutenant


21c Kansas City & The Savoy at 21c: Peach Bum


21c Lexington & Lockbox: B.L.T.


21c Louisville & Proof on Main: Kevin


21c Nashville & Gray & Dudley: Black Manhatten



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