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Recipe: The Peach Bum

Cheers to Bourbon Heritage Month!

If The Seelbach, The Sour, The Smash, The Sazerac met up for a summertime soiree, you’d have this refreshing sip, The Peach Bum. 

The Peach Bum 

.75 oz Old Forrester 86 Proof Bourbon
.5 oz Peach Cordial*
.25 oz Ginger Lactic Syrup*
.75 Lemon Juice
5 dash Salted Peychaud’s Bitters*
5 dash Absinthe
3 Sprigs Mint
Shake all ingredients, double strain into large Coupe, then top w/ 3 oz Dry Sparkling Wine 

*To make Peach Cordial: use Perfect Puree or Boiron White Peach Puree; or combine equal parts fresh peaches and sugar by weight in a blender, add vodka to fortify, and strain, patiently.

*To make Ginger Lactic Syrup: blend 250g Ginger Root with 1000ml boiling water, 1000ml Sugar, and 100ml Lactic Acid Solution until sugar is dissolved. Strain.

*To make Salted Peychaud’s Bitters: Dissolve 2.5g Salt in 2.5ml water and add to 97.5ml Peychaud’s Bitters