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You can’t miss out on these 21c Selects

Since 2011, our spirits experts from Proof on Main and Lockbox have been traveling to distilleries throughout the region and hand-picking barrels to be bottle in limited edition quantities. Not only can you order tasting flights at the bar, but if you love it, you can go ahead and take a whole bottle home. Our museum shop at 21c Louisville and 21c Lexington carry these limited edition bottles, so you can add them to your impressive bourbon collection or if you’re feeling generous, give them to friends as gifts. Already thirsty? Take me straight to the Small Business Saturday offer and I’ll read later.

Need a little guidance on where to start? We asked our bourbon guide Chea Beckley for his top three 21c Selects recommendations.

21c Selects Knob Creek ‘Right Hand’ Single Barrel, Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, 115pf

So what’s different about this particular select?

Versus the core Knob Creek family, a private selection of Knob Creek is Single Barrel rather than Small Batch. The other major difference is the proof – this particular Select comes in at 115 pf, which is higher than the standard 100 pf.

Give us a little behind the scenes look – how did the team select this particular release?

You may have noticed we actually have two Knob Creek Selects available… We were down to two different barrels for our rye selection. Both were delicious and remarkably different. What were we supposed to do? Naturally, we took what was in our ‘Left Hand’ and in the ‘Right Hand.’

So tell us… how should we drink this?

The Right Hand is incredibly smooth at 115pf neat or with a couple drops of water. Also delicious in an Old Fashioned (pro tip: back off the sweet a little). Not your speed? Go with the Left Hand – it’s great on the rocks, in a Manhattan or Boulevardier.


21c Selects Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon 2019 Pick

How does this differ from a non-21c Selects bottle?

It’s important to note that barrels offered in private programs will clearly represent the brand but have a strong and positive unique element from the standard flavor profile of their normal release. This offering exemplifies the combination of that and our collective 21c palate for Russell’s Reserve

How did the team make this selection?

We love this particular pick because it was a chance to hang with Eddie Russell in the Rick House and sample more than a few barrels of our choosing. There is a positive and negative to more tasting, but we couldn’t be more happy with the outcome.

What’s the best way to enjoy this Select?

Neat or with a couple drops of water if you can stand the Hug, because the finish is long and rewarding with a lot of meat front to finish. It’s also great with a large rock pour for the cream in your coffee. 


21c Selects Wilderness Trail High Rye Bourbon

So what’s different about this particular selection?

It’s in the Proof! The core release is at 100pf, whereas private selections are cask strength (aka high alcohol) – ours comes in a 112pf.

How did the team select this particular release? 

We love what’s going on out at this young distillery. We chose this barrel as a great example of a 4yr old, sweet mash Bourbon, which shows great promise of what’s to come from Wilderness Trail and a tasty treat to enjoy while we wait.

Alright, you’ve convinced us – so how should we drink this? 

Neat, on the rocks with 1-2 dashes of bitters and stirred.


Ready to stock up your shelf? Shop our 21c Selects at 21c Louisville or 21c Lexington on Small Business Saturday and save with this offer!