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Sarah Robbins to Participate at Annual Welcome Conference

On MON 06.15.15, 21c Museum Hotels SVP of Operations Sarah Robbins will speak at the 2015 Welcome Conference, a forum to share ideas, inspire each other & connect through a conversation about hospitality.

About Welcome Conference:
There has been a wonderful renaissance in the last 10 years surrounding food and food culture in the restaurant industry. It’s been inspiring to watch more and more people pursue a career in this field; to watch the community of chefs grow around the world, share ideas, inspire one another, and establish genuine relationships. This connectedness has made restaurants all over the world better places to work, and better places to dine.

Yet hospitality extends outside of restaurants and is present across many industries – it truly is a conversation that has no borders, that is relevant to many, and that we aim to build on for years to come.

The Welcome Conference is a forum to do just that: to bring together a room full of passionate and creative individuals, to share ideas, offer varying perspectives, and to establish meaningful connections. We hope that everyone walks away with at least one fresh idea, becomes a part of a growing community and gains some insight into what takes place in this industry.


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