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Honoring the life of Breonna Taylor through art

Experience the virtual, interactive augmented reality monument in downtown Louisville

We are honored to partner with Louisville-based artist Brianna Harlan and Nancy Baker Cahill, creator of 4th Wall/COORDINATES, to share SHE ASCENDS, a virtual, interactive Augmented Reality (AR) monument for Breonna Taylor and the “Say Her Name” movement. “The artwork features Breonna Taylor ascending to become a guardian angel in the city’s fight for equality,” explains Harlan.  “She is held up by protestors demanding justice in moments that depict marching, speeches, and the passing of Breonna’s Law. On pillars, two women look over us with the weight of history: Nancy Green and Alberta Odell Jones. Nancy Green was the original ‘Aunt Jemima’ of the pancake brand, born a slave in Kentucky. Alberta Odell Jones was one of the first African-American women to pass the Kentucky bar and the first woman appointed city attorney in Jefferson County. She was brutally murdered in 1965 at age 34. Halos surround the crowns of these women and float in the air as countless unnamed Black women that have suffered, sacrificed, and died in Kentucky are honored. Audio activates the experience further with chants, sounds, and quotes— bookended by poetry from spoken-word artist Hannah Drake.”


“Brianna Harlan is a visionary young artist whose work is centered in social justice,” says 21c Chief Curator Alice Gray Stites. “When Nancy Baker Cahill, a Louisville native who now lives and works in Los Angeles, called to say she was looking for artists to collaborate with on a 4th Wall/COORDINATES project honoring the life of Breonna Taylor, Brianna came immediately to mind. The resulting AR work, She Ascends, is a powerful, poignant, and effective combination of contemporary art and technology that illuminates past and present, and calls for a true reckoning with racism and injustice.”


Visible only on the 4th Wall/COORDINATES platform, SHE ASCENDS is located across from Breonna’s Square (also known as Jefferson Square), in front of Metro Hall, like a spirit keeping watch. It is only visible via the 4th Wall app. Suddenly, it appears, floating in space as a way to interact with and visit the memory of this moment: the fight for Breonna Taylor, Black women, and community justice.


4th Wall is a free, augmented reality (AR) public art platform exploring resistance and inclusive creative expression. COORDINATES is an ongoing series of collaborative, site specific, public AR art exhibitions. Viewers are invited to be physically present at specific locations to experience the works. COORDINATES was created out of artist and 4th Wall app Artistic Director Nancy Baker Cahill’s desire to use technology subversively and challenge traditional notions of public art. It aims to inspire thoughtful dialogue and interactive participation with the work. Follow the link in our bio for directions on using the 4th Wall app.

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-Using wifi, download and open the free app: 4th Wall. The app works on iPhones 6s and above or Androids with ARCore (iOS11 or higher).

-Be sure to allow all permissions (4th Wall does not collect any user data).

-Tap the COORDINATES button. The app will search for the nearest artwork based on your location. You will be directed toward artworks translated into AR, “go to…”

-Take photos and videos using the camera and video icons. Recordings will save directly to your camera roll. If the artwork includes sound, make sure to enable it.

-Feel free to share widely using the hashtags : #BreonnaTaylor #SayHerName #BlackLivesMatter #SheAscends #BriannaHarlan #4thwallapp #21cmuseum #artandactivism and tag: @_briannaharlan @21chotels @4thwallapp