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10 Ideas for Getting ‘Road Trip-Ready’

Preparing for Some Adventure?

When the time is right, we’ll all begin venturing out of isolation this summer – little by little. We’ll undoubtedly find the world a little different than we last remember. Here at 21c Museum Hotels, we’ve been working incredibly hard to welcome guests back to our hotels, museums and restaurants – as soon as safely possible.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind as you hit the road for your next adventure.

1. Payment Options

Some businesses like convenient stores, coffee shops or restaurants may be enforcing a strict contact-less payment policy. It’s always a good idea to have some emergency cash on-hand, but don’t assume your “Benjamins” will be accepted everywhere – be prepared with digital, pre-pay or card payment options.

2. Tune-up

It may have been a minute since your last oil check. Before hitting the open road, check air pressure in your tires, oil levels, windshield wipers/fluid, head lamps and tail lights etc. to avoid any unnecessary stops on your trip. Not only is it a drag, shops may have limited staff and/or hours that cause you some unwanted delays.

3. PPE

While some places of business may be offering complementary gloves, protective coverings or face masks, don’t assume it will be available to you everywhere. Avoid being turned away and remain safe by packing extras for you and any of your family or travel companions. 21c will provide complimentary masks to guests upon entry to our hotels and restaurants.

4. Plan Ahead

It seems impossible to be prepared for absolutely everything these days, but it will payoff to do your best while traveling. Some of your favorite bars, restaurants and points of interest may be temporarily closed or have limited experiences from what you are expecting. Visit their websites or call ahead as you plan your itinerary so you don’t get any big surprises. Visit our 21c Trip Planning hub for some helpful information.

5. Road Map

Alright, so maybe you don’t actually need a big ol’ paper road map (though AAA typically offers them at local branches¬†or for download/print free of charge), but with mobile internet bandwidths experiencing slowdowns and unexpected down times, it can’t hurt to know your routes before getting started. Remember MapQuest anyone?

6. Pet Friendly

Fortunately for us and our pets, data seems to indicate that our domesticated, furry friends are largely unaffected by COVID-19. 21c and many other establishments remain pet-friendly during these times. However, make sure you have plenty of supplies and necessities for your animals as resources may be more limited than usual.

7. Rest Stops

Stopping for a restroom break, fuel, meals or refreshments is almost inevitable on any road trip. In an effort to support social responsibility and safety, minimize unnecessary stops by packing a cooler down with snack, sandwiches and drinks for your journey. When you do need to stop, utilize hand sanitizer stations, clean wipes and PPE (note requirements may vary depending on your current location) to ensure yours and others’ safety.

8. Travel Insurance

With unexpected changes in travel, entertainment and accommodations these days, it can’t hurt to check with your partners, credit card companies, auto insurance providers and travel agencies to see if any protections are extended to you along your trip. As for 21c, we’re offering very flexible policies related to changes and/or cancellations.

9. Hours of Operation

As you know, operating hours for many businesses are different right now. Some businesses may be displaying incorrect or conflicting hours on various sources like their websites, Google listings, Facebook pages or other popular directories. It might be best to call or email the business beforehand to ensure you have the most accurate information. Note our website(s) for updated 21c hours, tours, dining room options, etc.

10. Travel Documents

Finally, with office and business closures in recent months, it’s easy to let travel documentation like passports, driver’s licences and vehicle tags expire. Don’t get stuck without necessary documents that can ruin your trip!

We can’t wait to welcome you back at 21c Museum Hotels, we’ve missed you all and wish you safe and healthy travels. C u soon.