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Top 8 Best Office Breaks

Summer Fridays are a thing. 

The gig is up, studies show and experts agree that nose-to-the-grindstone 24/7/365 doesn’t work. We aren’t machines, we are humans! During the slow times, the doctor says take a break for better productivity. Daydreaming contributes to 90% of the best ideas in the history of good ideas. (We made that statistic up but it sounds about right.) Get on the #treatyourself train with this Top 8 Best Office Breaks.

1. Laugh. Take one minute to watch a hilarious cat video compilation or scroll through your fav memes. Share with your coworkers and then don’t forget to go back to work.
2. Move that body.  Take a walk, stretch next to your desk, or take your team to 21c for your weekly meeting and add on a 30 min yoga class. You won’t regret it. Movement improves blood flow, boosts memory, and repairs damaged brain cells. Everyone can use more of that.  
3. Change the scenery. Be the office hero by suggesting how your super boring meetings can get super not-boring. With full service catering, innovative add-ons, team building activities, 21c is your cool meetings destination.
4. Eat something delicious. Transform a sad desk lunch into a brilliant lunch outing catered by a locally sourced and creative restaurant at 21c. Our catering teams at Proof on MainMetropoleThe HiveCounting HouseLockboxMary Eddy’s, and Gray & Dudley serve in our museum galleries for next-level brainstorming seshes.
5. Institute Summer Fridays. Reward your team with a Friday afternoon cocktail hour at 21c. From the Art Yard in Bentonville, to the rooftop terraces in Louisville and Durham; from the Cocktail Terrace in Cincinnati, to the 21c Suites in Nashville and Oklahoma City and the Lockbox patio in Lexington, we have a team building experience for everyone. 
6. Take in some culture. This is often reserved for the weekends but between errands, groceries and chores, cultural experiences often falls to the last place on the list. Check off your weekly culture fix during your lunch break by stopping by the 21c Museum and browsing the newest exhibition. You’ll never know what will spark that million dollar idea.
7. Volunteer your time. If for no other reason, volunteer because it makes you healthier. Those feel-good chemicals do something to us. Like for real. Look it up. Tutor a kid, grab a plastic bag and gloves and pick up some trash, clean out your closet and take it to a local center for women and families or get involved with an after school project. You’ll feel better.
8. Say thanks. Feeling grateful also helps with those feel-good chemicals. Stop by the Shop at 21c to pick up a thoughtful gift for a team member who went above and beyond or who needs a little pick-me-up. Giving feels good to you and to the receiver. It’s a win-win.