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Our Team’s Holiday Traditions

As we get closer to the holidays, our team has been reflecting on the people and places that make this time of the year so special. To get in the spirit, we asked our team members to share their favorite holiday traditions.

Emily, Senior Director of Brand Services, loves continuing a tradition her mom started when she was little:

Every year as a little girl, my mom, brother and I would make the short drive from Lexington to Louisville, and attend The Nutcracker ballet with my grandmother.  It was a chance to get dressed up and go to the “big city’s downtown”.  Now, after relocating back to Kentucky late last year, I am able to recreate that same tradition with my little family.  I took our oldest son, Ford, this year and the amazement on his face was priceless.  I can’t wait to continue the tradition next year with the addition of his little brother.”


Deanna, 21c Museum Registrar, has been enjoying this tradition with her family since New Kids On The Block were cool:

Every year my family does a scavenger hunt to find one of our gifts.  Clues are hidden around the house and we must figure out each clue in order to get the next. This photo is of my sister and me on the hunt for our presents.”

Nicole, Counting House Pastry Chef, remembers the “original” Elf on the Shelf:

At my house, we totally redecorate for Christmas. My family goes out together to find the largest tree possible for our front room, and spend a night decorating together. My Mom has a Christmas village collection that we assemble and we’ve had since we were kids. As children, my siblings and I thought the figurines came to life at night because our Mom would move them into new places–the original Elf on the Shelf!” 

Craig, 21c CEO, loves spending time with all the members of his family:

“Pictured is our dog, River, enjoying our family Hanukkah celebration.” 

Jerrad, Mary Eddy’s Restaurant Supervisor, enjoys getting into the holiday spirit all month long:

“I love being able to brighten spirits of our guests during the holidays–there’s nothing like spreading joy with the Purple Penguin.”

Barbara, 21c Durham Housekeeper, loves the opportunity to give back during the holidays:

“My family always goes to a shelter to cook & serve dinner. We love helping others while spending time together.”


From our flock to yours, happy holidays.