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How to Make Summer Last Forever

We all want summer to last forever. But unless you move to The Maldives and never work again (yeah, right.), you’ll have to settle with simply extending the feeling of summer for as long as possible. That feeling is called freedom and you can find it anywhere if you look hard enough. Here’s four ways to master the art of Summer-time:

Take in some nature. Hike, bike, sit in a field, activate some vitamin D. Doctor’s orders. We took a poll in the office and no one had a detailed explanation why it’s healthy to be outside. Terms like ‘electromagnetic’ and ‘ions’ and ‘grounding’ and ‘forest bathing’ were thrown around precariously. We’re not scientists. But we’re really good at identifying things that make us feel good. Walking through the woods and taking in the smell of dirt and pine make us relax and laying in a field with the sun on our face makes us feel energized. Wherever you are, find a green space or a state park or a bench under a tree and soak in the goodness.

Eat too much watermelon. Is there such a thing? Watermelon has been considered just a sweet summer treat but there are things about watermelon you probably never knew. According to The Watermelon Board (we didn’t make that up) watermelon outshines tomatoes for lycopene. Aside from lycopene, watermelon has more potassium than bananas, is packed with Vitamin B6 and C for your immune system and vitamin A for your eyes. Watermelon is also just really delicious and watery so it’s a perfect snack when you’ve been sweating in the summer heat. Chef Jason Campbell at Mary Eddy’s tells us to choose the heaviest melon for it’s dimensions, look for super deep pink flesh, and steer towards local and organic.

Have brunch with friends. Yeah, we know. People love to hate on brunch lately but we all are happy to admit that we love brunch, regardless. Brunch is the new getting-drunk-at-night. Celebrate each other with a delicious spread and a splash of booze and then go about your Saturday or Sunday rejuvenated and lightly buzzed. The word brunch is a portmanteau (fancy, huh?) of breakfast and lunch. Brunch gained popularity in the 1930s when Saturday night revelers adopted a preference for sleeping in and socializing over a late breakfast. The genius part of brunch is that you can basically get away with eating anything you feel like. Are you a pancakes and eggs person? Or an avocado toast person or burger person? Whichever way you cut it, around here, we all agree that mimosas need to happen.

Have a spontaneous getaway. Drive until you don’t feel like it anymore. Then find yourself where you are and dig into what the present moment has to offer. It may delight and surprise you what you can find in mid-sized towns. Here are our fav summer getaway must-dos: 1. Drink a root beer float or ice cream or treat right before dinner. It against the rules, so it tastes that much better. 2. Find a small local and unique museum and fill your noggin with creative inspiration. Are you surprised that we’re a bunch of secret museum nerds? 3. Eat the best food in town, no matter what it is. Go to Yelp and see what the locals like. 4. Shop at the best little boutiques in the area and buy something local. 5. Get back to your hotel room, unplug and don’t look at your email until after you check out. You’re giving yourself a much needed break. Let the waves of relaxation wash over you. Mission accomplished.

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