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How to Host Thanksgiving Like a Chef

Hats off to you for channeling your inner Barefoot Contessa and hosting Thanksgiving dinner for your flock. No matter if it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned holiday host, creating the perfect menu can be daunting. That’s why we asked our chefs to give us their fail-proof, crowd-pleasing, best-ever Thanksgiving dishes. From sides to dessert, we’ve got your holiday handled.


Curried sourdough English muffins, Mike Wajda of Proof on Main 

As the MVP of your Thanksgiving table, these English muffins are great for stuffing your bird, serving as bread at the main event or even used as sandwich bread the next day.


Pumpkin and crab soup, Jason Campbell of Mary Eddy’s 

It’s not Thanksgiving without a little pumpkin. The addition of crab in this soup is unexpected and elevates a traditional favorite.


Ndjua stuffing, Jared Bennet of Metropole 

Need to add some heat to your Thanksgiving spread? A little dab of nduja (a particularly spicy, spreadable pork salumi) is everything you didn’t know you needed in this twist on classic herb stuffing.


Roasted chicken and root vegetables, Matthew McClure of The Hive 

Even though it’s Thanksgiving, that doesn’t mean you have to serve turkey. Take a cue from us and serve roasted chicken with garam masala spices and root vegetables instead. We promise your table won’t even miss the turkey with this dish front and center.


Maple pecan bread pudding, Thomas Card of Counting House 

Winter squash bread and butter pudding, Levon Wallace of Gray & Dudley

Bread pudding is a holiday favorite so we’re featuring two twists on this classic dessert. A little sweet and a little savory, this dish is sure to delight your entire table.