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21c Museum Hotels Joins #StopSucking Movement to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Straws

Guests at 21c Museum Hotels might notice something missing when they order their beverage. That’s because along with other brands joining the #stopsucking movement, 21c Museum Hotels and restaurants have eliminated single-use plastic straws from their beverage service. 

The initiative is part of a global campaign by Lonely Whale, a non-profit organization founded by actor and activist Adrian Grenier, focused on eliminating plastic waste which ultimately ends up in the ocean. Americans alone use more than 500,000 plastic straws per day, many of which end up in the world’s oceans where they endanger sea life and pollute the water. It’s estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.  

Proof on Main, located at 21c Museum Hotel Louisville, has already made the change, and all eight 21c restaurants will eliminate plastic straws by the end of 2017. In total, the campaign will eliminate more than 735,000 straws from service per year. Upon request, guests will receive branded Strawless Ocean biodegradable paper straws in their place.

“Whether it’s penguins, fish, or humans, the health of the ocean is vital to the health of the planet,” said Steve Wilson, Co-Founder and Chairman of 21c Museum Hotels. “I’m proud that we’re joining my friend Adrian Grenier in his campaign to #stopsucking and keep the oceans healthy and plastic-free.” 

 Through 2018 and beyond, 21c is examining additional ways to limit single-use plastics.