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21c Selects are back! More rare single barrel selections now available

It’s common knowledge in Kentucky that Bourbon barrels are like snowflakes – each are unique and no two barrels produce the same Bourbon. We’re excited to introduce a new round of 21c Selects – a carefully honed collection of handcrafted Bourbon, ryes and brandies available only at 21c Museum Hotels, and only in Kentucky.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to forge great alliances within the spirits industry as a whole, and the Bourbon world in particular. The 21c Selects Barrel Program is a way to share and celebrate the great relationships we’ve made over the years. Each barrel is hand selected by our team, alongside some of the best Master Distillers in the business.

Check out the newest additions to the 21c Selects program below, now available by the drink at Proof on Main, Garage Bar and Lockbox and by the bottle at 21c Museum Shops at 21c Louisville and 21c Lexington.

Old Forester 21c Selects Single Barrel 2016
A selection that is both approachable and satisfying, this 90 proof single barrel was bottled at the original proof which Old Forrester was presented as in 1870. With a rich amber color, the nose of this Bourbon brings butterscotch, brown sugar, green apple and sweet oak. Rich and creamy in flavor, the palate brings notes of buttercream, citrus, tobacco, leather and clove. The finish is moderate in length and medium in spice.

This Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey retails in the 21c Museum Shop for $55.

New Riff – O.K.I. 21c Selects Private Barrel 2016
O.K.I. Private Barrels are fairly rare – only sold in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio and in highly limited stocks which are expected to completely run out by late 2018. This mature and balanced high rye Bourbon brings a rare appearance of rank – an elusive combination of oak, aged butter and cheese, time, earth and age, all wound tightly and harmoniously together.

The nose on this 10 year, 10 month aged Bourbon is straight forward, with butter, dark fruit, brûlée confection, roasted orange and rye spice. With some added water, additional notes of orange bitters, cinnamon, mace, grain of paradise and old oak appear. The taste is full-bodied and supple, slow in development and depth, revealing close-knit flavors of dark brûlée; savory with a hint of salinity and polished oak. The finish is dusted with magic rye spices, with appearances by grains of paradise, pink peppercorn, clove, cinnamon, mace and spice bush.

This rare rye whiskey retails in the 21c Museum Shop for $75.

Whistlepig 21c Selects Private Single Barrel 2016
A fairly new name in Bourbon, Whistlepig Distillery and Farm recently opened in Vermont lead by distiller Dave Pickerell, formerly of Marker’s Mark. Whistlepig grows their own wheat, and is also now creating Vermont Oak barrels for aging from tress grown on and around the farm. This 10 year old Rye whisky is light amber in color and the nose brings rye spice, toasted apple, spruce, cocoa and orange peel. On the taste, it’s an initially sweet attack, with spice kicking in just after the start. This medium plus body rue brings notes of dried citrus peel, clove, nutmeg and vanilla. The finish is astringent, long with rye spice and toasty wood notes.

This single barrel, barrel proof rye retails in the 21c Museum Shop for $120.

Buffalo Trace 21c Selects Single Barrel
A private selection is the only way to get a single barrel Buffalo Trace Bourbon. This 125 proof Bourbon is aged 8 years, 5 months and is light amber in color. The nose offers sweet vanilla and caramel apple, with notes of clove, nutmeg, apricot and toasted wood. A medium plus body, the taste offers a smooth, honeyed entry, with caramel apple, dried fruits, lightly smoked tea, light leather and toasted nuts. The finish offers lingering notes of toasted wood and baking spices with a pleasant tea like astringency.

This Bourbon retails in the 21c Museum Shop for $48.