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21c Museum Partners on Moving Image Acquisition Award 2017

Moving Image was conceived to offer a viewing experience with the excitement and vitality of a fair, while allowing moving image-based artworks to be understood and appreciated on their own terms. This year’s fair will feature a selection of international commercial galleries and non-profit institutions invited to present single-channel videos, single-channel projections, video sculptures, immersive media, and other larger video installations.

At the Fair’s opening reception, the organization will grant the 2017 Moving Image Acquisition Award, which seeks to further the representation of video art in permanent public collections internationally. For the second year, the award will fund the accession of an artwork from the fair into 21c Museum’s permanent collection.

“We are very excited that artwork from this year’s Moving Image will be entering the impressive 21c Collection. The collection’s founders Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson, as well as the museum director chief curator, Alice Gray Stites, are among the world’s biggest supporters of artists working in film, video, and digital mediums,” said Moving Image co-founders Murat Orozobekov and Edward Winkleman. “It is an honor for us to have them again sponsor the Moving Image Acquisition Award in 2017.”

Alice Gray Stites said, “Because 21c is committed to collaborating with other innovative cultural organizations and to exhibiting the art of today and tomorrow, we are thrilled to continue this partnership with Moving Image. Presenting the 2017 Moving Image Acquisition Award creates another great opportunity to express our shared passion for supporting the work of today’s visionary artists and to add significant new artwork to the 21c Collection.”

For the fourth year, Moving Arts will collaborate with Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts on their ground-breaking public art program, “Midnight Moment,” which screens the winning work nightly on the 45-50 electronic billboards in Times Square throughout the month of March 2017.

Last year, Alexandre Mazza’s video If it’s meant to be love, may it brand the soul!, was acquired into the 21c Museum collection, which includes about 2,500 works in media ranging from painting, sculpture, and photography, to film, video, and digital-based art and feature works by artists from all over the world, reflecting the global nature of contemporary culture.

Previous awards have gone to artists Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck, Jessica Faiss, Rollin Leonard, Chris Doyle, Kalliopi Lemos and Alexandre Mazza.

Moving Image New York 2017 will take place February 27 – March 2, 2017, located in the Waterfront Tunnel event space between 27th and 28th Streets with an entrance on 11th Avenue in Chelsea. Moving Image free and open to the public. For information about dates and times, visit