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Sarah Robbins Speaks at Annual Welcome Conference

On June 15th, Sarah Robbins, 21c Museum Hotels SVP of Operations spoke at the annual Welcome Conference in New York City. Each year, the Welcome Conference brings together a group of passionate hospitality and restaurant professionals in a forum where they share ideas, inspire each other and connect through conversation. The focus of this year’s conference was the idea of being right in the context of hospitality. Sarah tied in 21c’s positive approach to company culture and hospitality at large to the conference’s topic, touting, “Being right means saying yes”.  In her presentation, Sarah demonstrates how 21c disseminates a culture of yes, both in guest interactions, as well as with fellow teammates, explaining that saying yes as a leader inspires an environment where rules can be broken and teammates can thrive without fear of failure. She went on to explain how the tremendous impact of contemporary art as part of the 21c brand inspired her and others to lead the team in a new and innovative way. Ultimately, training teammates from a place of yes has a profound affect on company culture which lends itself a unique and memorable guest experience. See the full talk below: