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21c Museum Hotels Wins Clarabridge Customer Experience Award

On June 25th 2015, 21c Museum Hotels was awarded the Customer Experience Champion Award for Innovation by Clarabridge, a Customer Experience Management company who provides solutions for some of the world’s top brands. The CXC Innovation award recognizes an organization whose customer experience program demonstrates out-of-the-box thinking and/or new concepts within the business or industry.

Upon receiving the award, 21c was praised for their “Culture of YES” which enables teammates to positively influence the guest experience. Clarabridge noted 21c’s high standards regarding customer survey responses that ensure, “customer feedback does not sit untouched”. Clarabridge also commended 21c for the impact survey feedback has on everything from teammate training to design improvements within guest rooms. Ultimately, what set 21c apart was their ability to extend the guest relationship past the time of departure by finding creative ways to improve the guest experience even after check-out.