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Spa Gives Back

Relax and give back with 21c Cincinnati

The Spa at 21c Cincinnati is partnering with local organizations to build a better Cincinnati. For the month of February, 10% of your spa service* will benefit Mission2Move. Ready to pamper yourself and give back to your community? Request an appointment here.

*Includes: all Body Masks and Wraps, all Body Scrubs and Baths, all Rituals, The Works and The Dude’s Detox.

About Mission2Move

Mission2Move is a non-profit organization that focuses on bringing movement and meditation to students via teacher professional development and school implementation. The program focuses on three critical health areas: movement, meditation and community involvement. Founded by Sarah Habib, the program enables students to not only master what it means to be resillent, but emerge as community advocates promoting healthy choices for local families and communities. Studies from the National Institute of Health and the Centers for Disease Control shows that students perform better academically when given the chance to move daily and meditate. Therefore, M2M is empowering schools and school districts to improve academic performance and combat a national health crisis.

M2M is currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio to help the city build resillence in children, specifcally those suffering from a high count of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). M2M offers preschool mindful movement classes to 1000 of the 2000 Cincinnati Public School students.

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