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21c Signature Glow 50min or 80min/ $125/$160
Featuring Nobel Prize-winning technology (need we say more?), the RéVive Custom Glow Facial removes weathered surface skin cells to reveal your youthful glow. Specialized masks and nutrients help to soothe congestion, inflammation and dullness, resulting in skin that looks and feels refreshed.

The Hydrating Glow 50min or 80min/ $125/$160
Banish the blahs with the RéVive Hydrating Glow Facial. It intensely hydrates thirsty skin from within, restoring your glow, and giving you the comfort and protection that come from healthy hydration levels.

Glycolic Renewal Glow 50min or 80min/ $155/$190
Powered by glycolic acid, this facial will allow your skin to look younger, smoother, and even-toned. Immediately you will begin to notice fewer lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation in the skin. Give your skin a “boost” and allow your youthful complexion to come through with this legendary “RéVive glow.”

Red Carpet Glow 50min or 80min/ $155/$190
Give your skin a new lease on life with the RéVive glycolic renewal peel. Temper the angry march of wrinkles and lines and enjoy skin that appears firmer, smoother and more radiant. This treatment is finished with a tinted moisturizer to match your unique skin tone, so you will be makeup ready. Face the world for a night out on the town!


AromaTouch Ritual 110min/ $210
A therapeutic wonder designed to ease pain, this technique of dropping oils directly onto the spine creates the sensation of warm raindrops falling onto the skin. Essential oils are worked into the spine, stimulating impulses and dispersing goodness throughout the entire body.

Rub-a-dub-dub Ritual 120min/ $230
Begin with a relaxing foot bath and a consultation with your provider to customize your ritual. Experience an exhilarating exfoliation and dive into one of our four custom bath experiences. Conclude with a relaxing massage.

Momma-to-be Ritual 150min/ $240
Enjoy head-to-toe bliss and begin this ritual with a relaxing momma-to-be massage on our specially designed pregnancy pillow, then indulge with RéVive 21c Signature Glow Facial. This ritual concludes with our 21c Manicure in the privacy of your spa suite.

Divine Detox Ritual 180min/ $330
Begin with a relaxing foot soak and a consultation with your provider to customize your ritual. An invigorating exfoliation treatment will leave your skin feeling like silk as you slide into a customized bath. Next, select one of our Body Wraps or a Red Clay Body Mask to release your remaining toxins. Slip into a steam shower treatment and allow your wrap or mask to continue its effects on the body. Emerge from the steam and indulge with a relaxing and moisturizing massage.

The Queen City Royal Ritual 180min/ $330
Prepare to be treated like a queen (or king). Begin with a relaxing foot bath and a consultation with your provider to tailor your ritual. After experiencing an invigorating exfoliation, unwind in a customized aromatherapy bath, followed by a bespoke Body Wrap. For a deeper detoxification, enjoy a luxury steam shower. Emerge from the steam and treat your face to a 21c Signature Glow Facial. You’ll be radiant from head to toe.