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Spa Packages

Treat Yourself
Monday-Thursday  $210
Friday-Sunday  $230

Everyone needs a little extra something once in a while. Finish your 50min massage (choice of Deep Tissue or Swedish), with a 21c Signature Glow Facial.

Free Your Mind
Monday-Thursday  $240
Friday-Sunday $270

Escape into bliss with a 50min massage, then indulge in the revitalizing effects of a 21c Signature Glow Facial. This package concludes with our 21c Manicure in the privacy of your spa suite.

Me + 1
Monday-Thursday $550
Friday-Sunday $600

Make it a spa day for two! Begin with a pair of Body Scrubs (your choice of Detox or Moisture), then a pair of 50min massages (your choice of Deep Tissue or Swedish), followed by 21c Signature Glow Facials.

The Happy Couple
Monday-Thursday  $600
Friday-Sunday $670

Be happy together with a customized array of treatments that establish joy and help you reconnect in the present moment. Includes a pair of Body Scrubs, Couples’ Bath, 50min Swedish Massages, and 21c Signature Facials.

Wedding Packages

The Bride-To-Be
Monday-Thursday $425
Friday-Sunday $475

For that bridal glow, a customized selection of therapies to get you prepped and pampered prior to the big day. Includes Moisturizing Body Mask and Wrap, 50min Swedish Massage, 21c Signature Facial, 21c Manicure, and 21c Pedicure.

Ultimate Wedding Package
Monday-Thursday $540
Friday-Sunday $625

The ultimate cure for pre-wedding jitters, immerse yourself in two days of customized pampering.

DAY 1: Choice of wrap, choice of bath, and 50min massage

DAY 2: Signature Glow Facial, 21c Manicure, 21c Pedicure


These treatments can only be added to treatments of 50 min or more.


Calm 30min
Monday-Thursday  $75
Friday-Sunday  $85
A restful and relaxing bubble bath that promotes circulation, while soothing the mind.

Purify 30min
Monday-Thursday  $75
Friday-Sunday  $85
Purify your body, mind and spirit with this fragrant bubble bath.

Energize 30min
Monday-Thursday  $75
Friday-Sunday  $85
Rejuvenate in this bubble bath that relieves stress and energizes muscles.

Balance 30min
Monday-Thursday  $75
Friday-Sunday  $85
For a feeling of harmony, enjoy this bubble bath that restores your body’s natural balance.


Detox 30min
Monday-Thursday  $75
Friday-Sunday  $85
This luxurious and invigorating scrub blends sugar and mineral-rich sea salt to leave the skin smooth, replenished, and detoxified. You will then also be treated to a luxurious shower in the privacy of your spa suite.

Moisture 30min
Monday-Thursday  $75
Friday-Sunday  $85
Feel smooth and supple skin with this luxurious conditioning cream body scrub. You will also experience our luxurious shower in the privacy of your spa suite.

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