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21c Lexington Job Profiles: Andy Lotter

andy lotter 21c

21c Museum Hotel Lexington and Lockbox are now hiring. In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be interviewing teammates from all our properties about their jobs and what it’s like to work a gig you feel good about. First up is Andy Lotter, the main man behind our growing team’s recruiting efforts.

What is your job?
As the Area Director of Human Resources, it is my job to locate the best candidates to join our team.

What is your favorite part of your job?
The best part of my job is watching members of my team grow and become successful.

What do you look for in potential teammates?
We look for teammates with a great attitude and those who have the ability to provide authentic, over-the-top service to our guests.

What are your top tips for interviewing?
Be yourself.  We aren’t in the business of changing people and our best candidates are those who are able to add their individuality to our workplace.

What makes 21c a great working environment?
We encourage people to be themselves and empower folks to do the right thing, even if that means breaking a rule or two from time to time.  What is most important, is providing authentic, exceptional service to our guests each and every time.

What should the Lexington community expect from 21c?
Lexington should expect 21c to become a cultural center, not only known for art, but also for the unmatched quality of service it will bring.


Thanks Andy!

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