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  1. Friday, July 10, 2020

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Week Two: 21c Job Profiles

We’re now hiring for 21c Museum Hotel Durham and Counting House and we want YOU! In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be interviewing teammates from all our properties about their jobs and what it’s like to work a gig you feel good about.

The second interview in our series is from Manny Urquilla, who works at 21c Museum Hotel Louisville.

What is your job?

What skills are required?
My job is to establish the initial relationship between the guest and our hotel. To allow them to feel that they are welcomed here and we are here for them with anything they might need. Being the eyes and ears of the hotel allows me to work with my team to establish those needs. Another skill of the job is being able to use the knowledge and experience of those working with me and around me…from the back office to the front line at Proof-my fellow teammates allow me to have continuous “on the job training” in order to refine my abilities to best serve the needs of the guests and the challenges that the hotel might face. I look forward to those new challenges and lessons daily!

What do you love about working at 21c?
I am often asked why I am always smiling and what it is that I love about my job…It’s the people. Plain and simple. To be allowed to be who I am all the time and the chance to meet amazing guests and work with those people who I consider family…Like my life, at my job, I feel I should always surround myself by those who contribute a positive aspect to my life. I feel I have that…I love that.

Thanks, Manny!

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