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9 Questions with Jenni & Dustin

21c: Tell us your proposal story.

Dustin: We had talked about getting engaged but hadn’t made plans yet. One day, I had some time to kill before getting my hair cut, so I stopped in a jewelry store to browse for engagement rings. The woman helping me commented that she liked my hair, so when I met with my aunt (who cuts my hair) I forwarded the compliment. My aunt exclaimed that she knew the woman and had been cutting her hair for 15 years. I took that as a sign to go back and buy the ring. I showed up at my mother-in-law’s work to ask for her permission and proposed that same night.

Jenni: When I got home from work that night, my birthday and Valentine’s Day gifts were laid out on the table. It was February 8th—my birthday is February 10th. We are in the habit of giving each other gifts early, so I didn’t think anything of it. Then he got down on one knee. It took me a while to figure out what was happening, but it finally sunk in!

21c: What were you looking for in a venue? How did you know you found the one?

Jenni: I’m not sure we knew what we were looking for, but I have always loved 21c and liked the idea of having our wedding at a hotel so our guests could stay there. (Almost all of my family lives out-of-town.) I think I always had 21c in the back of my mind as my first choice, even as we looked at other venues.

Dustin: The Penthouse balcony is what really sold me.

21c: If you could channel some penguin-godmother magic and relive your favorite moment from your wedding day, what would it be?

Dustin: My favorite moment was seeing Jenni walk down the aisle. It was raining, and the moment she stepped out the rain stopped. That’s something I will never forget.

Jenni: I would relive when Dustin said his vows. He brought everyone to tears! I would also relive dancing with my family and friends at the ceremony. I was nervous and uptight the entire day, and that was the first time I was able to really let go and have fun.

21c: What are people still talking about from your wedding?

Jenni: Dustin’s vows!

Dustin: How beautiful everything was.

21c: Which detail are you most proud of?

Dustin: Our dog, Duck, walking down the aisle with us as we left the ceremony!

Jenni: The flowers and the urns that held them, both by my very talented friend, Krissy, of Kristian Meade Floristry and Lady Made Pottery Co. The music by Dan Sturdevant, who played guitar for our ceremony, and Jon Camilotto of DJ by Design. The photos by Kriech-Higdon Photography. Finally, the food! You can’t beat Proof’s bison burger sliders.

21c: How did your wedding reflect who you are as a couple?

Jenni: As a teacher for Louisville Ballet School and former dancer, I have a deep appreciation for art and love that it is freely available to the public at 21c. Also, the hotel is animal friendly, which meant our beloved pup could be a part of our day!

Dustin: The wedding reflected us in that it was laid-back, everyone was having a good time, and, most importantly, all of our family and friends were together.

21c: Which piece of art got the most Insta love?

Jenni: Of course, Text Rain by Camille Utterback and Romy Achituv—the installation by the elevators!

21c: Do you have any tips for brides-to-be to make their day as stress-free as possible?

Jenni: Enlist help wherever you can! Recruit your friends as vendors, but be sure to treat them as professionals and don’t expect freebies. Trust the staff at 21c. What they delivered was above and beyond our expectations!

21c: What did your out-of-town guests love most about Louisville?

Jenni: Our out-of-town guests loved the walking bridge, restaurants, Louisville Slugger Museum, and 21c—specifically, the beautiful art everywhere you looked, accommodating staff, and cleanliness.

Photography by Kriech-Higdon Photography