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9 Questions with 21c Bride Chelsea Granville

21c: How did you meet?

CG: We met via mutual friends in 2011, right after I graduated college. I hopped on a flight two days later and moved to Boston, Massachusetts. We stayed in touch and the rest is history!

21c: Tell us your proposal story.

CG: Bryan proposed the day before his birthday at our favorite antique warehouse! It was a complete surprise! I should have known something was up when he asked if I wanted to go antiquing. (Fun fact: Our wedding guest globe is from that same antique warehouse!)

21c: What were you looking for in a venue? How did you know you found the one?

CG: We adore the Derby City. Louisville is packed full of arts, culture, and of course, phenomenal food and bourbon. We wanted a venue reflecting those attributes. Within minutes of touring 21c Louisville and Proof on Main, Bryan and I were sold. It had everything we were looking for—a colorful, vibrant location that combined all the best aspects of Louisville into one beautiful boutique hotel.

21c: If you channel some magic penguin-godmother magic and relive your favorite moment from your wedding day, what would it be?

CG: Tough question. It was all incredible, but our hearts have never been more full than during and immediately after our vows, at “the announcement.” My dad officiated our wedding and was a truly special moment we will never forget.

21c: What are people still talking about from your wedding?

CG: The atmosphere. We opted for a smaller, more intimate wedding to allow our guests (and us) to easily interact. Our family and friends have told us how that intimate atmosphere made them feel like they were a part of our special day, and how nice it was to be able to talk to everyone in attendance without getting lost in the crowd.

21c: What was the dreamiest dish from your reception?

CG: Do we have to choose!? Our cocktail style reception featured bison burgers and truffle fries—something we could probably eat any day of the week.

21c: How did your wedding reflect who you are as a couple?

CG: Bryan and I are a fun, vibrant couple who love hard, and cherish our relationships with family and friends. We wanted our wedding to reflect our love for each other and all our guests. Every detail, from our contemporary art gallery venue to the cocktail style reception (cake and donut bar included), to the intimate semi-circle guest seating—reflected who we are as a couple.

21c: Which piece of art got the most Insta love?

CG: We LOVED the wedding backdrop (Pepe López, Guapísimas, 2004). We will be sad to see it go!

21c: Do you have any tips for brides-to-be to make their day as stress-free as possible?

CG: Focus on the happiness. There will not come another day when your most loved family and friends convene to watch you and the person you have chosen to spend your life with dedicate your lives to each other. Do not forget that and soak up every single second!

Photos courtesy of the bride & Photography & Design by Lauren


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