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Curating Art Exhibitions in a Multi-Venue Museum

21c Museum Director and Chief Curator Alice Gray Stites was recently featured and interviewed on Perspectives, Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty’s podcast, to share our story on how 21c Museum Hotels got started in the Louisville community. Alice has worked closely with 21c since the very beginning before taking on her current role.

During the conversation with Perspective’s host, Greg Fleischaker, Alice explained how 21c founders, Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson, became inspired and motivated to create the unique blend of museum, hotel and restaurant industries into one of the country’s most interesting boutique hotels. She explains how she determines which pieces of art go into each of 21c’s current six locations, as well as how the Louisville community played an integral part of our company adopting the Red Penguin as the ambassadors of 21c.

“There’s no velvet rope to get into our museum, and there’s no space in which you won’t discover a work of contemporary art.” – Alice Gray Stites

Curating Art Exhibitions in a Multi-Venue Museum

  • How 21c has seamlessly integrated the museum, hotel and restaurant industries under one roof
  • When and where the next museum location is expected to open
  • How she determines which location each curated art piece will be showcased
  • How she helps each museum location stay current and innovative within the industry
  • Literature currently available throughout the museum for visitors and guests
  • What type of partnerships and collaborations 21c is interested in pursuing in the future
  • How many exhibitions typically take place at one time at each location

The Perspectives Podcast series is hosted by Louisville real estate brokerage Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty where host Greg Fleischaker takes a look at the culture of Louisville and what makes the city so interesting and full of possibilities. More episodes like this one, or in-depth looks at the Louisville luxury homes market and neighborhoods such as Anchorage, St Matthews and Prospect can be found at their website at