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Louisville City Guide

Bourbon, racehorses and Louisville Slugger. That’s what Louisville is known for, but Derby city offers a bevy of cultural and culinary experiences that far surpass the obvious. The city has become an outlet for artists, musicians and culinary creatives, proving there’s more than meets the eye in horse country.

The inhabitants of Louisville love to eat. What with new restaurants cropping up every few weeks, it’s no wonder visitors flock to this foodie mecca easily rooted in Southern tradition and conscious of contemporary trends. Classics like Jack Fry’s and Lilly’s Bistro have been the cornerstone of the Louisville food scene for decades, while the new kids on the block bring a fresh approach to cuisine: RyeDecca and our very own Proof on Main. Bakeries and Cafés like Blue Dog Bakery, Heine Brothers’, Please & Thank You and Highland Coffee comprise a coffee scene that rivals major cities. Slogans like “Keep Louisville Weird” pepper the city and promote the underground arts and music scene visible in venues like Zanzabar, known for bringing in under-the-radar acts. Louisville is also a cultural center where artists, performers, musicians, thinkers and innovators gather to experience and share thought-provoking art. Institutions like the Speed Art Museum, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft and the Kentucky College of Art and Design reinforce a devotion to the arts.

We invite you to explore the  and learn all the reasons we love to call Louisville “home” – we think you’ll like our local flavor and attractions.

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