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21c Founder Steve Wilson to participate in IF University event with New York Times Senior Critic Michael Kimmelman

Quality in an Age of Quantity: NYT Critic Sorts Thru the Noise
WED, 09.19.2012 | 8p.m.
Humana Building Auditorium, 500 West Main St, Louisville, 40202
Tickets are $5 and must be purchased online before 09.14.2012
Enrollment is limited to 150 people

In an age when everyone can be a critic, good criticism is essential. Even more than it used to be. Learn how to sort through the noise.

New York Times Senior Critic Michael Kimmelman has turned architecture criticism in New York on its head since he returned a year ago from Berlin to assume the architecture beat. In this lively discussion between Kimmelman, 21c Museum Hotels’ Founder Steve Wilson, and the public, moderated by UK College of Design’s David Mohney, discover why criticism matters, how it can matter more, and why the critic’s role in a city’s development is crucial.

An affiliate event for the 2012 IdeaFestival, held September 19-22 in Louisville, Kentucky
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About the participants
Michael Kimmelman is an author, critic, columnist and pianist. He is the senior critic for The New York Times and writes on issues of public housing, public space, infrastructure, community development and social responsibility.
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“The role of the architecture critic is ultimately to situate buildings in the larger world and in the larger conversation, which comes down to how society works, what our values are, where we choose to spend our money, and how our blocks and cities define who we are for each other and posterity.” -As told to William Richards for the AIA Architect, July 2012

Steve Wilson is the creative force behind 21c Museum Hotels along with his wife and co-founder Laura Lee Brown. Wilson has found success by using his passion and intuition as a guide in hospitality, farming, preservation, philanthropic giving, investing and collecting contemporary art. With the goal of engaging the public with art in a new way and breathing life into urban centers, Brown and Wilson are working with like-minded partners to bring 21c to new markets. Wilson serves as the 21c Museum Hotels’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

David Mohney, FAIA, is Professor of Architecture and Dean Emeritus at the University of Kentucky. He is the author of numerous books and articles on topics related to architecture, urban planning, and design in the public realm.


About IF University
IF University is a new platform and ecosystem for creative thinkers, innovators, and curious minds to teach classes, attend classes and bring unexpected ideas to the forefront to build and support a culture of innovative thinking.  Built on the “Stay Curious” premise of the annual IdeaFestival in Louisville, IF University is designed to inspire new and novel thinking all year round by hosting classes and events on a wide variety of topics held in public venues.  All IF University classes and events are non-credit learning experiences, with an emphasis on the intersections between varied topics and multiple disciplines. Ideas at Play, that’s IF University.

IF University is a division of the IdeaFestival, the non-profit organization dedicated to fresh thinking, new connections and innovation that matters.