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Introducing: Lexington Film League Showcase at 21c, Spring 2017

The Lexington Film League Showcase at 21c Museum Hotel Lexington presents a series of events that reflect the richness and diversity of contemporary film and video practice in the region and the world. Programs include important works by living artists, young and old, including new and historical films, made by marginalized artists, including 16mm and 8mm films and digital videos, as well as performances. The series includes a wide range of genres, focusing on abstract, non-narrative, documentary, and fictional works. The Showcase presents important film and video works that are not currently available in the area, and promotes Lexington and 21c as a venue for artistic film and video work.

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Spring Schedule:

7pm-9pm | 21c Lexington | Free and open to the public

Tue 2.7  Roger Beebe* – Digital and 16mm Short Films

Sat 2.11 Scott Stark* – Digital and 16mm Short Films

Tue 2.21 Abraham Ravett*Holding Hands With Ilse (2017), 90 minutes.

Wed 3.1 Various Artists – Rolls for Peter (2016) 16mm, black & white, silent, 60 minutes.

Wed 3.22 Deke Weaver*The Unreliable Bestiary Project

Sun 4.2 Jennifer Reeder* – Digital Short Films

Mon 4.17 John Schott & E.J. Vaughn – America’s Pop Collector: Robert C. Scull – Contemporary Art at Auction by . (1974) 16mm, 72 minutes. Introduction by Miriam Kienle

Tue 5.2 Cave Girls & Trashy Fashions: Unseen Post-Punk Videos by Women

Wed 5.10 Lewis Klahr* – Sixty Six, 12 Films (2002-2015) 90 minutes

LexArts has provided additional support for Lexington Film League Showcase at 21c through its Fund for the Arts.

*Artist attending for discussion after films


Image: Lewis Klahr, Sixty-Six (2015) (still), 12 Films (2002-2015) 90 minutes