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  1. Friday, July 10, 2020

  2. Saturday, July 11, 2020

ECHO: Heather Gordon and Justin Tornow

On THURS 02.23.17 at 7pm, ECHO becomes a container for a special event and solo-performance with Heather Gordon and Justin Tornow. A collaboration between visual artist Heather Gordon and dancer and choreographer Justin Tornow, ECHO is part of Gordon’s series The Algorithms for Intimacy, which maps interpersonal relationships through visual and performance art. Using data sets based upon personal information like geographic locations and birthplaces, and times and dates of correspondence between close friends, Gordon creates an elaborate, reflective, geometric map covering the walls and floors of 21c Durham’s vault gallery. This transformed, intimate chamber becomes a site for a performance by Tornow whose solo dance is based on the structure and origin of an echo. Tornow’s movements are reverberations that reflect and morph based on the original structure of her surroundings, which deviate or repeat based on the artistic choices of the dancer. The performance is an assessment of the self in process, in moments of regeneration and, simultaneously, under surveillance. As in relationships, each moment offers a choice; an opportunity to renew the path or change course.

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Image: Heather Gordon, Syzygy installation at Durham Arts Guild, 2015. 1-inch masking tape.