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Spring back into self-care

7 Questions with our beauty expert, Bailey Guyton

Struggling to make time for yourself between working from home, helping with remote learning and just pandemic exhaustion in general? Us too. Say good-bye to those winter blahs and take back your skincare routine with some tips from the Spa at 21c’s Bailey Guyton.

21c: Which products and services would you recommend for someone who has been slacking on their self-care routine during the pandemic?

BG: Hands down, I would recommend the Ultimate Stress Reliever + a 21c Signature Glow Facial to anyone who has been slacking on their self-care routine. The Ultimate Stress Reliever includes a foot soak, back exfoliation, and a back massage with hot river stones + essential oils (not to mention the amazing scalp massage that concludes the treatment!)

21c: What does your at-home lazy day skincare routine look like?

BG: To be honest, my lazy day skin care routine is just that — just washing my face + moisturizing… nothing fancy!

21c: Outside of spa treatments and products, what sort of rituals do you practice to keep your skin feeling fresh?

BG: Drinking a ton of water and keeping my stress to a minimum,

21c: What’s the best advice you can give to someone on a beauty budget?

BG: My advice to someone on a budget would be to take care of the small stuff first. Making sure you’re eating healthy + staying hydrated leads to having great skin! There are many ways to practice self-care without spending a ton of money.

21c: Any skincare myths you’d like to put to rest?

BG: Probably… that it costs a lot of money to take care of your skin.

21c: What’s one product you can’t live without?

BG: Bio-Oil! It’s amazing. I use it for everything, and you can buy it anywhere.

21c: Life can get really busy sometimes, how do you find the time to take care of yourself? Any tips for someone who might be struggling to make self-care a priority?

BG: My advice is to pick one day out of the week and just do something that gives you the most fulfillment + happiness. Life can get crazy, and it’s so important that we take care of ourselves. Whether its binge watching your favorite Netflix series all day, reading a book, journaling or even grabbing dinner with friends; all of these are acts of self-care.

In need of a serious recharge?

Ditch the diet and treat your skin and soul. Strut out of hibernation (aka quarantine) feeling fabulous, fresh and free of stress. Because let’s be honest… you deserve self-care without any cares. Book our Spa, Wine, Everything’s Fine package and receive:

  • One night stay at 21c Cincinnati
  • 50 Minute 21c Signature Glow Facial  — This customized facial removes weathered surface skin cells to reveal your youthful glow. Specialized masks and nutrients help to soothe congestion, inflammation and dullness, resulting in skin that looks and feels refreshed. This facial is finished with NuFACE FIX to leave you with lasting skincare benefits.
  • Macarons made by Metropole 
  • Bottle of Rose


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