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  1. Wednesday, July 1, 2020

  2. Thursday, July 2, 2020

Our Favorite Instagramable Spots in Bentonville


  1. “Waveman” by Sasha Rayevskiy (@tigersasha). You can find this behind the Trike Theater off of 2nd street.

2.  “The 21st Collection” by Youri Cansell (@mantrarea). We are lucky enough to have this beautiful mural on our building! Check it out on the side of the building with the parking garage.

3. #CBNATIVEVOICES by Yatika Starr Fields (@yatikafields). On the corner of 2nd and Main Street- you’ll find this colorful masterpiece on the Cripps Law Firm building.

4. “Summer Always Blooms” by Louise “Ouizi” Jones (@0uizi). Turn across the street from the #CBNATIVEVOICES mural you can also snap a pic of this mural located on the Lawson Property.

5. @Roxyshmoxyy  – right across the street from our main entrance on NE A Street at the Pink Picnic- get tropical.

6. “You Belong Here” by Tavares Strachan (@tavaresstrachan) at The Momentary (@TheMomentary). Photo by @Jeenissac on Instagram

7. “Wall Drawing #880: Loopy Doopy  (orange & green)” by Sol LeWitt at Crystal Bridges Museum (@CrystalBridgesMuseum). Photo by @edward.around.the.atlas on Instagram.

8. “Meta_Material” by Anne Vieux (@annevieux) at Skylight Bentonville (@skylight.bentonville). Photo from @annevieux’s Instagram.


We are so lucky to have so many great public artworks in this city! There are plenty of other great spots to snap a photo to commemorate your time in Bentonville these are just a few of our favorites. Ready to book your Bentonville Summer Getaway and Experience it ALL?  Book with our current offer: Get Real, Experience is All to receive up to 15% off your next stay, full details here.