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  1. Wednesday, July 1, 2020

  2. Thursday, July 2, 2020

21c Art Vitrines Feature New Work

21c Bentonville is thrilled to showcase the following new works in our guest floor vitrines.

Second Floor:

Michael Davis Gutiérrez (American)
Guardian, 2001

Through One Side, 2009

Wall Way, 2012
Black Arkansas Limestone

Chiseling directly into raw limestone blocks, Davis Gutiérrez transforms found stones into miniature uninhabited landscapes. Stone chairs, trees, and walls are seamlessly carved from arid plateaus like ancient artifacts of an isolated, transient civilization.

Third Floor:

Jeannie Hulen (American)
My America: It’s a boy!, 2012
Cone 10 porcelain, meditation spheres, pink velvet, copper tubing, fake American flag, and pink ribbon

American Dream-Cycle, 2012
Cone 10 porcelain, racing stripe stickers, copper tubing, fake American flag, and orange ribbon

Manifest Destiny, 2012
Cone 10 porcelain, monopoly houses and hotels, copper tubing, fake american flag, and yellow ribbon

Asylum, 2012
Cone 10 porcelain, modified government example for non-resident identification/license, copper tubing, fake American flag, and green ribbon

America’s Exceptional-ism, 2012
Cone 10 porcelain, super girl tag, copper tubing, fake American flag, and blue ribbon

Highlighting the 2012 installation Made in the USA, Hulen’s five ceramic big wheel trikes explore the social and political dynamics of gender, capitalism, nationality, and individual ambition, among others. “Each candy colored tricycle is a visualized jingle of “faux” materials commenting on American hopes, dreams and failures, and the “Trykes” are all adorned with pretty little flags of the past, present and future.”