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Meetings+Events / Special Events

Special events deserve an amazing venue and team.

It feels good to celebrate a victory. Let the team at 21c help set the stage for a memorable celebration.

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Unions + Reunions

Get the gang together! Are you celebrating a bright future or reliving the glory days? Either way, 21c provides the perfect venue to encourage your guests to live in the moment, surrounded by work created by contemporary artists living today.

Life Goals Met + Milestones

Look for reasons to celebrate through life’s ups and downs. Is your child coming of age? Has your marriage lasted more years than you can wrap your head around? Did you kick cancer’s a@&, and you’re looking for a way to thank your support system? Whatever the occasion, let us help you start planning.

Product Launches + Kickoffs

Getting a new product launched or a new project kicked off takes hard work and dedication. A sense of humor helps, too. As the team crosses the finish line, celebrate their achievements, share their successes, and give them a chance to blow off some steam. We, at 21c, also suggest dancing to celebrate a big milestone like a launch.

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12,000 sq ft of exhibition and event space and walking distance to Crystal Bridges Museum.

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Bringing 10,000 sq ft of exhibition and event space to downtown Chicago. Opening Fall 2019.

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8,000 sq ft of exhibition and event space in the heart of downtown Cincinnati.

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North Carolina

10,500 sq ft of exhibition and event space in downtown Durham’s city center.

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Kansas City,

6,200 sq ft of exhibition and event space in downtown Kansas City’s Financial District.

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7,000 sq ft of exhibition and event space centrally located in downtown Lexington.

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9,000 sq ft of exhibition and event space on Louisville’s historic West Main Street.

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10,500 sq ft of exhibition and event space near Printer’s Alley in downtown Nashville.

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Oklahoma City,

14,000 sq ft of exhibition and event space on the West End of downtown Oklahoma City.

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