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  1. Wednesday, July 1, 2020

  2. Thursday, July 2, 2020

AAAC: The Misrepresentation of Black Men and Boys

A 10-Month Conversation Series Dedicated to Information, Respect, and Progress

Visual and performing arts are powerful. The arts play a significant role in sharing the realities – and propaganda- related to Black men, the lessons they have learned, and ways they have survived.

He is our father. Our brother. Our husband. Our son. He is our friend. In this 10-month series of conversations, we are discussing the important history and current situation related to the misrepresentation of Black men and boys. Join the women of the African American Artists Collective (AAAC) as we learn new perspectives and gain inspiration from the men of AAAC and beyond. From varying points of view, Black men will provide insight on what it takes to navigate the real world, maneuver through negative situations, and maintain a healthy mental, physical, and spiritual existence.

Each daytime conversation is followed by an evening social that connects individuals and organizations dedicated to making progress on the topics discussed.


Friday, July 30th 1-2:30pm and 7-9pm

Thursday, August 12th 1-2:30pm and 7-9pm

Thursday, September 9th 7-9pm

Thursday, October 14th 7-9pm

Thursday, November 11th 7-9pm

Thursday, December 9th 7-9pm

Thursday, January 13th 7-9pm

Thursday, February 10th 7-9pm

Thursday, March 10th 7-9pm

You can register for this free event here.