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  1. Monday, July 6, 2020

  2. Tuesday, July 7, 2020

RéVive and Renew at The Spa at 21c

The chemical peel.  We’ve all seen the procedure lampooned on television and in film to terrifying results, but how many of us truly know what they are about?  The treatment can be a lot more gentle than the sitcom heroine might have led us to believe all of these years.  “They are not scary,” says 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati’s The Spa at 21c Manager Natasha Burns. Burns, who is also a licensed esthetician and massage therapist, tells us that glycolic acid (the main agent in peels) is essentially just fruit sugar, saying, “our Glycolic Renewal Glow treatment is a low percentage glycolic peel.”

The Glycolic Renewal Glow is a new treatment now being offered in Cincinnati’s The Spa at 21c.  To make the procedure even more effective and gentle, Ms. Burns and her team will be using RéVive Skincare products by Dr. Gregory Bays Brown.  Dr. Brown, a Harvard-trained reconstructive and plastic surgeon, created his line of skincare in the late 1990’s after years of clinical research with the hopes of helping men and women stave off invasive cosmetic procedures.  Dr. Brown spent much of his career trying to find ways to faster heal the damaged skin of burn victims.  During his research he discovered a bio-engineered molecule that sped up the healing process of burns and thought that this molecule could also be used to rejuvenate those with healthy skin in need of a little maintenance.

Currently the only skincare product created by a plastic surgeon, RéVive Sinkcare rests on the foundation of Renewal Epidermal Science (RES) Technology. RES, says Burns, “makes this product so results based.  With this technology it helps to increase cell renewal in a faster delivery system which encourages natural production of skin cells.” Said Dr. Brown, “there is nothing surgically that can do what RéVive does to give one that dewy glow and beautiful skin of youth.”  Burns says she is very excited to use RéVive at The Spa at 21c for a couple of reasons. “The first being that it got its start in Louisville and is near and dear to 21c, also to be so accessible to Dr. Brown is very unique within itself.”

The Glycolic Renewal Glow combined with RéVive Skincare, “provides a deeper exfoliation for the skin as well as work on decreasing hyperpigmentation in the skin,” says Burns.  “When this treatment is done in a series along with homecare the results are astounding.”

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