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Chef Michael Paley and the true meaning of Thanksgiving…food.

After lounging around together on Thursday morning watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, bring your friends and loved ones to Metropole.  Maybe this year you just don’t want to cook, or perhaps you have never wanted to cook any of the years and are looking for a new restaurant to celebrate in.  Whatever the case, Metropole at Cincinnati’s award-winning 21c Museum Hotel will be serving Thanksgiving Day dinner to you and yours.

From 2pm to 8pm, chef Michael Paley and his team will be offering up favorites from their dinner menu, plus specials that will satisfy the demands of the day, all from Metropole’s famous wood-burning fireplace.  Sorry Family, but a lot of people agree that the best part of Thanksgiving is the food, and you would expect a chef to agree the loudest.  But, says Paley, “more than the food I like that everyone gets together and eats and enjoys themselves.  No matter what they are eating.”  A point for Family!  Chef Paley does love the food as well and says that one of his favorites past and present is cranberry sauce.  “[As a kid] I actually really liked that cranberry jelly that kept the shape of the can it was in.  I chopped it up with my fork and mixed it with everything.”

While his tastes have refined over the years (no offense to canned cranberry) he still likes to keep it simple in his kitchen and looks forward to bringing you the classics with his twists come Turkey Day.  Below, you will find a recipe for one of chef Paley’s favorite side dishes, roasted Brussels sprouts.  He offers us some easy direction for making at home:

Roasted Brussels Sprouts
(Fresh is best, but can be made easily at home with frozen Brussels sprouts if needed.)

– Large diced pancetta or bacon
– Brussels sprouts (if frozen, thaw before cooking)
– Sweet vermouth
– Butter and chopped parsley

Instructions:  Get a sauté pan very hot.  Add the bacon or pancetta.  Once it starts to render, add the sprouts and salt lightly.  Toss the mixture and throw in the oven until nicely browned.  Then, put back on stove stop on high heat, when its really sizzling add a bit of sweet vermouth, let that cook out, toss in parsley and butter and serve.

> For dinner reservations call 513.578.6660

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