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Community Impact

Our Mission

We aim to foster innovation and collaboration to spark change and drive thought-provoking conversations. Proudly calling St. Louis our home, we’re committed to utilizing the city’s infrastructure and vibrant community to create a safe and inclusive environment centered around art, culture, and community engagement. 

We’re dedicated to partnering with locally owned businesses to provide our guests with unique and authentic experiences while supporting the growth and development of our city. By collaborating with like-minded businesses that share our values and commitment, we aim to have a positive impact on the local economy and contribute to the overall success of the community. 



  • Creating quality programming, by partnering with relative organizations to our core community pillars. 
  • SWIM1922 partnership with Sigma Gamma Rho 
  • Hospitality Academy partnership with SLCC



St. Louis Cross Property Impact


At 21c St. Louis, we are dedicated to creating a positive impact in our community. 

Each month, we shine a spotlight on a local St. Louis-based nonprofit organization that is actively making a meaningful difference in our community.

September: Urban Golf of Greater St. Louis 

Urban Golf STL, is a St. Louis-based nonprofit organization with a passion for both golf and nurturing young minds. They harness the transformative power of golf as a powerful tool to impart life skills, character development, and academic support to underserved youth. 

Their mission is to equip St. Louis youth with the tools to thrive beyond high school while introducing them to the expansive world of golf. 

  • Idol Wolf: Sorbet Dessert Item$2 from each sorbet sale will go directly to support the organization’s mission.
  • Good Press: Every purchase of Good Press Iced Coffee contributes to our mission, with 20% of the sale price ($1) being donated to the organization. 
  • Gift Shop: With every purchase of the orange ceramic penguin $8 will be donated to the organization. 
  • LSAC:
    • The Core Impact Membership This membership offers not only the same amenities as our standard core membership but also includes four additional guest passes (a total of eight). Members can enjoy a 10% discount on training and massage services while contributing $25 to a charitable cause, which can be tax-deductible for the member.
    • Impact Training: For just $475, you’ll receive five sessions that provide incredible value. What sets us apart is that the first session, valued at $95, will be donated to a charitable cause, and you may also have the opportunity to claim it as a tax deduction. 

Food & Beverage

At Idol Wolf and Good Press, we take pride in our meticulously crafted food and beverage programming, emphasizing fresh, local ingredients sourced from esteemed partners like Fresh Harvest 365 and Heru Urban Farming. By partnering directly with these local farmers and suppliers, we ensure the highest quality ingredients in our dishes, resulting in exceptional flavors and an abundance of nutrients. This commitment to supporting our local community not only enhances the dining experience but also promotes sustainability and a deeper connection with the food we serve. 



We’ve collaborated with Northwest Coffee as our local coffee roaster, bringing you exceptional locally roasted coffee. Partnered with the renowned local tea producer, Big Heart Tea Co., offering a delightful selection of seasonal and year-round hot and iced teas. Additionally, St. Louis Juice Press provides single-service fresh cold-pressed juices and small energy shots for a quick grab-and-go option and a wellness boost. Our goal is to create a vibrant, sustainable dining experience that celebrates our local community’s abundance. 


21c Museum Hotel St. Louis integrates contemporary art into all areas of our property, especially in the more than 14,000 square feet of exhibition space. Art enthusiasts and curious visitors alike are welcome to visit our free exhibitions, which are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our commitment extends beyond accessibility, as we are dedicated to presenting thoughtful exhibitions of art that welcome and resonate with visitors, but also inspire and perhaps challenge them to experience or consider new ideas and perspectives on the world around us. Ongoing Museum programming enriches the experience for guests and visitors, and provides additional opportunities for connecting with artists and artwork, as well as with others.

Elevate at 21c

Elevate at 21c exhibitions showcase works by artists residing and creating within the vibrant communities surrounding St. Louis. Through a variety of exhibitions and accompanying programs each year, visitors have an opportunity to experience the work of local artists in publicly accessible spaces at 21c St Louis. These exhibitions create a platform for artworks from the community to be experienced alongside other solo and group exhibitions featuring established and emerging artists from across the globe.

For more information about Museum exhibitions and programming contact Museum Manager, Angie Villa.


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Meet Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors at 21c Museum Hotel St. Louis embody the core principles of 21c Museum Hotels, which encompass community impact, arts, food & beverage, and lifestyle & wellness. Make sure to follow them on Instagram to stay updated on the exciting events and upcoming experiences happening within our spaces!

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