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Here Now, There Then

About the Exhibition

“The world is all clues. There is no end to the subtlety and delicacy of the clues.” -Paul Shepard

Here Now, There Then, work by Louisville-based artist Letitia Quesenberry, is featured in conjunction with Creating Identity: Portraits Todayon display in the Street Level and Atrium Galleries.

Not knowing invokes more interest than knowing. Here Now, There Then explores this idea by combining images from two distinct series, each a part of an ongoing investigation of perception and representation. Intrigued by the ephemeral, the intention throughout is to create images that reveal themselves slowly and encourage the assessment of uncertainty.

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About the Series in the Exhibition

The Peeled Series began in early 2009 and incorporates the use of Polaroid self-portraits. These photos were taken over a period of sixty consecutive days in 2003 and meant initially to mark the passage of a difficult personal time. Six years later, the photos were dismantled by cutting away the sides, peeling the backs from the film and scanning the emulsion. The resulting images are printed on aluminum, pushing the oscillation between visibility and invisibility.

The Lost Summer Series of drawings was completed in 2005 and investigates the representation of time and place in contemporary culture. The images were derived from taking photographs of videos. Using thin layers of tinted plaster to embed and expose graphite within the surface, oblique figures become visible. Narrative content was removed and the titles abbreviated to mimic the struggle of absorbing fragmentary information.

About the Artist

Quesenberry has exhibited her work in numerous venues, including a 2007 solo exhibition at Smack Mellon (Brooklyn, NY) and in the 2003 group show “Potential Images of the World” at the Speed Art Museum (Louisville, KY). She received fellowships from the Efroymson Family Contemporary Arts Fund and the Kentucky Arts Council. She was a resident at the UCROSS Foundation in Wyoming in 2008 and has received grants from the Kentucky Foundation for Women and the Pace Trust for Community Creative Arts. Her drawings can be found in the Drawing Center’s curated Viewing Program and in Pierogi Gallery’s Flat Files in Brooklyn. Quesenberry graduated with a BFA from the University of Cincinnati in 1993. She was born in Louisville, Kentucky where she continues to live and work.