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  1. Saturday, June 22, 2024

  2. Sunday, June 23, 2024


Western Middle School Perspectives: An Exhibition of Tableaux Vivant

About the Exhibition

21c Museum is proud to present its second collaboration with Blue Apple Players and their most recent drama and photographic project with Western Middle School students. Blue Apple Players has guided 100 sixth and seventh grade Western Middle School students through a creative and educational drama workshop, with a specific focus on the tableau vivant art form. Photographed by Patrick Pfister of, the photo project will be displayed at the 21c Museum until July 8th.

About the Blue Apple Players

Founded in 1976, Blue Apple Players is a nationally acclaimed nonprofit theater company producing original musicals and educational theater programs for young audiences. Entertaining and inspiring, programs reach across social, economic, and geographical boundaries and use the power of drama to ignite children’s imagination and change lives.

Blue Apple is one of only 21 arts groups nationwide recognized by the Wallace Foundation for a prestigious and highly competitive award for Leadership and Excellence in Arts Participation.