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  1. Tuesday, April 16, 2024

  2. Wednesday, April 17, 2024

About the Exhibition

Uros, a light sculpture by interdisciplinary artist Grimanesa Amorós, is installed  in a corridor just off the lobby gallery, visible from both the elevator lobby and the reception lobby gallery. Part of a series of works originally commissioned by the Issey Miyake flagship store in New York City last year, the sculptures were inspired by the artist’s trip in January 2011 to the floating Uros Islands, an ancient and sustainable island community off the coast of Puno, Peru.

“The series is inspired by the Uros Islands in Lake Titicaca,” explains Amorós, “They are floating islets made entirely of totora reeds, a sub-species of the giant bulrush sedge. The pre-Incan Uros, who live on forty-two handmade islands in the lake, build everything out of this material—everything that ranges from boats to watch towers. I created Uros Islands to reflect the natural elegance of sea foam and totora reeds. The light sculptures maintain the traditional technique and shape of these islands. I have always worked with subject matters that relate to my personal experience.”

Although originally designed to be a floor installation, the artist adapted Uros to be installed as a wall sculpture at 21c Cincinnati. A custom-designed lighting sequence changes the color of the piece to emit a spectrum of glowing hues, transforming the surrounding space, and engaging viewers in an awareness of site and self, while referencing the Peruvian island environment of Uros.

About the artist
Born in Lima, Peru, Amorós is now based in New York City. Her light sculptures, videos, and interactive installations have been exhibited in galleries, museums, and in public venues in cities all over the world, most recently in Venice, New York, Seoul, and Mexico City.