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Tout Moun Se Moun

About the Exhibition

A filmmaker by trade, Gabriel Wrye traveled with a group of nurses from Louisville to Port au Prince, Haiti in the aftermath of the January earthquake to assist the relief effort in whatever manner he could.

While in Haiti, Wrye met the photojournalist Daniel Morel, who took some of the first images of the victims being pulled from the rubble that subsequently helped rally the aid relief from the international community. Arriving just three weeks after these first images were taken, Wrye began to photograph the landscape and people of Port au Prince and to capture an unconventional glimpse of both the destruction and the everyday life of Haitians coping, struggling and even rejoicing in the face of tragedy.

* “Tout moun se moun” means “Every person is a person” in Haitian Kreole

About the Artist

Gabriel Wrye lives in Los Angeles and Louisville and began his career as a film, television, commercial and music video editor. In 2007, he directed Heaven Come Down, a feature documentary about Pentecostal serpent handlers, which aired on the Sundance Channel that same year. His other credits include High School (Sundance, 2010), The Brothers Bloom (2008), Any Given Sunday (1999), Crime + Punishment in Suburbia (Sundance, 1997). Look for the Louisville debut of High School at the Flyover Film Festival, June 11-13, 2010.