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  1. Sunday, July 21, 2024

  2. Monday, July 22, 2024


Totally In Love

About the Exhibition

Pieke Bergmans (Dutch), Totally In Love, 2012. Steel, hand-blown glass, electronics.


Two intertwined lampposts beckon passersby toward 21c; their supple, arched lines and blown glass bulbs transforming industrial urban design into playful, organic form. Dutch artist Pieke Bergmans originally conceived of these lamppost lovers for an exhibition in Italy entitled Metamorphosis. This metamorphosis is an anthropomorphic one, turning streetlights into a couple Totally In Love. Bergman’s practice focuses on altering existing production processes to combine function, form, and message in a single elegant gesture. “The objects that surround us have the precision and regularity of machine-made things,” says the artist, “Our Western world became a world where everything has to fit in and function. We all benefit from this development in an enormous way, but a world like a machine leaves little room for wondering and poetry. I want to open up our evident world, as I am passionately curious and persistent to expose another, unknown world.”