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Time Capsule

About the Exhibition

The site for Brooklyn-based artist Anne Peabody’s commission at 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati is the elevator cabs. To transform these spaces into unique, interactive works of art, Peabody engaged in a process both research- and labor-intensive: she gathered information and images related to the history of the building, and the evolution of its use and condition over the last century. Using the delicate yet exacting practice of drawing onto panels of mirrored glass that has become a hallmark of her work, Peabody has created a true Time Capsule: an interactive experience that moves through both space and time, transporting riders through the past in the present to the future. Seeing their own reflections embedded in recreations of archival images, current events, and fantasies of the future, 21c visitors can engage in reflecting on the city and themselves. As they move up and down floors, viewers will also embark on an inward journey, looking at themselves and the surrounding neighborhood, seeing their self-images within a kinetic, time-twisting portrait of the building, the city, and the community at large.

About the artist
Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Anne Peabody earned a master of arts from the School of Visual Arts, in New York City. Peabody has completed site-specific sculptures and installations for 21c Museum, Peter Marino Architects, and others. Her works have been shown in galleries and museums in the US and Europe; in both 2009 and 2011, Peabody’s art was featured in Glasstress, an exhibition organized in conjunction with the Venice Biennale, which subsequently traveled to Stockholm, Moscow, New York, and other venues. In 2012, Peabody was named one of the top fifty glass artists in the world by Glass Quarterly magazine.