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  • Hank Willis Thomas (American), Raise Up, 2014. Bronze.

  • Mateo Maté (Spanish), Paisaje Uniformado 23, 2013. Print on canvas

  • Hank Willis Thomas (American), With All Deliberate Speed, 2015. Screen print on retroreflective.

  • Nidaa Badwan (Palestinian), 100 Days of Solitude: Code 8, 2015. Chromogenic print.

  • Michael Waugh (American), The Unraveling (The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report, part 8), 2015. Pigment ink on Mylar.

  • Steve Mumford (American), Empire, 2010. Oil on linen.

About the Exhibition

This multi-media selection of works by over two dozen artists explores what and how we see today, revealing the visible and hidden forces shaping both what the contemporary world looks like, and how we consume and interpret that information—how visual and psychological perception are evolving in the 21stst century. The global pervasiveness of conflict has engendered the normalization of shock and numb; wanting to look but not to see, we lose sight. As many of these artworks reveal, we are disturbed by violent, unjust, or tragic incidents, yet accustomed to their regularity, and may be blind to their causes and costs.


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