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  1. Friday, February 23, 2024

  2. Saturday, February 24, 2024


New Acquisitions and Highlights

  • Kehinde Wiley (American), Morpheus, 2008. Oil on canvas.

  • Adriana Duque (Colombian), Daniel (Serie Infantes), 2009. Photograph.

  • Adriana Duque (Colombian), Felipe (Serie Infantes), 2009. Photograph. © Adriana Duque Adriana Duque (Colombian), Felipe (Serie Infantes), 2009. Photograph.

  • Yishai Jusidman (Meixcan), mutatis mutandis: R.H., 1999. Acrylic on handwoven tapestry, synthetic carpeting, showcase, assisted art book.

  • Dinh Q Le (Vietnamese), The Infrastructure of Nationalism, 2009. Bicycle, bamboo, rubber, cloth.

  • Peter Sarkisian (American), Puddle 9, 2002. Single-channel video projection with sound, mixed media.

  • Yinka Shonibare (British, Nigerian-born), Dorian Gray, 2001. Black and white resin prints, 1 digital lambda print.

  • Vee Speers (Australian), Immortal #1, Penda, 2010. Cibachrome on dibond.

  • Vee Speers (Australian), Immortal #1, Vera, 2010. Cibachrome on dibond.

  • Vivek Vilasini (Indian), Last Supper – Gaza, 2008. K3 inks on archival canvas.

About the Exhibition

New Acquisitions and Highlights is an ongoing exhibit of newly acquired work and highlights from from International Contemporary Art Foundation’s growing collection and contributions from the collection of 21c Museum founders Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson.

The exhibition includes artists who are exhibiting for the first time in the US such as Colombian photographer Adriana Duque and Czech multimedia artist Kristof Kintera alongside never before exhibited works by internationally known artists Dinh Q Le, Kehinde Wiley and Vee Speers.